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What are Booking Options?

You can use the booking options to control which products the participants should be able to book for a course. You can add or remove booking options to a course run at any time.

Booking quotas/maximum number of bookings for a booking option

A contingent can be stored for each booking option. If this is exhausted, this booking option will no longer be considered available/booked out to the participants. For example, early bird discounts can be limited not only in terms of time but also limited in terms of quantity via the booking contingents.

Fixed or flexible start date

Furthermore, the booking option can be used to define whether the start date of the first appointment should already be set when booking the product/course or whether the participant can choose freely during the booking process.

Booking Restrictions

The availability of a booking option can be limited to certain participants, e.g. to participants who have already booked another of your courses in the past. This means that participants can only book an advanced course if they have previously attended (booked) the beginner's course.