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Cancellation rules for appointments

If a participant is unable to attend a specific session/appointment/lesson and has to cancel it, the session cancellation rules can be used to determine how to proceed in such cases. For example, if a participant cancels two days or a week in advance, they can be provided with an alternative session they are allows to attend.

To determine what should happen if a participant is unable to attend an session/appointment/lesson, proceed as follows:

  1. First select the course for which you want to set or change the cancellation rules for sessions/appointments.
  2. Now select the course/appointment series.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Now select the product from the listed booking options for which you want to edit the cancellation rules.
  5. A window for editing the booking option will open.
  6. Click Edit next to the product name.
  7. Now edit the cancellation rule
  8. Save the changes by clicking Save