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What is a course/class?

Courses/classes are events which usually take place ones or several times. The time and dates the course/class takes place is defined by the course runs (session/appointment series).

Course/class Name and Description

Each course has a name which should accurately describe what the course is all about. Examples of this are e.g. Yoga, Pilates or also Meditation.

In addition to the course name, a description can be provided. The description should give participants/students the opportunity to get an idea about what is taught in the specific course.


If the participation for some specific course requires previous experience or alternatively was deliberately designed for beginners, this can be published to interested participants via the level. If you have specified a level, it will appear next to the course name in the search etc.

Age Limit

Some courses require an age restriction for their participants/students. Examples are e.g. a baby swimming or senior swimming courses. Age restrictions can be used so that participants/students that are too young or too old do not mistakenly register for such courses/classes. Age limits can be specified either in months (e.g. for babies up to 15 months) or in years as unit.

Certified Courses (Prevention Course - Germany)

If the course offered is a prevention course (only available in Germany), which has been certified by the Kooperationsgemeinschaft ZPP (Central Prevention Testing Center), a health insurance-compliant confirmation for the participation can be generated and sent out to the participants/students automatically. These confirmations/certificates contain all the necessary information for a reimbursement of the course fees from the health insurance companies (designated program in Germany).

In order to be able to use this function, Certified prevention course must be checked in the course settings. Furthermore, the corresponding ZPP certificate numbers must be configured for each course instructor who teaches a course/class.