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Courses, Session/Appointment Series And Dates - Introduction

With Course Finder you can easily create and manage courses/classes including session/appointment series.

A course in Course Finder contains one or more course runs (session/appointment series), with one or more sessions/appointments.


Imagine you run a yoga studio and offer a yoga course/class for beginners and for advanced yogis. Since different content and techniques are taught in both courses, you would create two courses, one for the beginners, and one for the advanced yogis. Now, let's image you offer the yoga beginners course/class on a weekly basis on Mondays, and another one on Wednesdays. Hence you would then create two course runs/appointment series for the yoga beginner course, one for the Monday course/class and a second one for the Wednesday course/class.Each course run contains then the individual sessions/appointments for the Monday and the Wednesday class, respectively.

For each of these course runs/classes, you can individually configure whether the course/class should appear in the search and whether this course should be displayed as a continuously offered course without a starting and ending date etc.

You can also provide each course a short name if you offer the course several times a week in parallel in order to make it easier for you and your participants to distinguish it from other courses/classes. The abbreviation will then appear in the search as well as on booking confirmations etc.

If a course can only accomodate some maximum number of participants, a participant limit can be set under the settings of a course run. The course then automatically appears as fully booked during a booking process once the previously defined participant limit has been reached.

More information about configuration settings for courses/classes can be found in the booking options section.