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What are products?

Products define what is included when booking a particular course/class. Examples of products are, e.g., a 5 points/punch card which allows a participant to attend five sessions/appointments/lessons of a course. Another example is a trial lesson which limits the participation to only a single session/appointment/lesson.

Course fee and number of sessions/appointments/lessons included in a booking

With products you can also specify a course fee, i.e., the pricing and how many sessions/appointments/lessons are included with the selected product. For example, a product can allow a participant to attend all sessions/appointments/lessons that are offered for a particular course/class or only a predefined number of sessions/appointments/lessons (e.g. for 10 sessions/appointments/lessons with a 10 points/punch card).

Fixed dates or points/punch cards

In addition to the number of sessions/appointments/lessons included with a product, you can also specify if the starting date is fixed (immediately subsequently) or if it can be booked in a flexible manner by the participant/student.

Cancellation Policy

More information about how to configure cancellation fees in the event of cancellations requested by the participant and what should happen if a participant is unable to attend a particular sessions/appointment can be found here:

Different contractual partner & participant

It is also possible to specify for a product if the contractual partner and participant are not the same person, e.g., for baby swimming or children's dance courses/classes. In this situation, the booking form will require the booking person to specify who will be the participant during the booking process.

Mandatory information

In case additional information such as the address, date of birth or telephone number of a participant is needed for handling the course/class, such in formation can be marked as mandatory fields in the product in order to appear on the booking form. Participants can then only continue the booking process if these mandatory marked fields have been provided either through their user profile or when booking anonymously through a booking widget. In case the contractual partner and participant are different entities, the mandatory fields can be defined for each person/entity individually.

Booking period

The possibility to book a certain course/class or product can be limited time wise through the booking period. If specified, bookings can only be made during this time window.. This can be used for example to offer early bird discounts to participants by creating a product with a reduced course fee and adding it as a booking option with booking period previously mentioned.