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User Accounts

There are two types of user accounts in Course Finder: real and virtual user accounts.


Real user accounts are accounts created by the users/participants themselves. The users/participants have therefore registered themselves directly with Course Finder in the past, i.e., created an account. As part of the registration process, the users/participants's email address have been verified.

Real user accounts are managed by the users/participants themselves, i.e., the participants can update themselves their contact details through their user account when logged in. However, the course providers/instructors will be automatically informed about address changes if the particilar particpant is currently having an active booking with the provider/instructor.

Real user accounts are marked with a blue Course Finder icon in their avatars.


Occasionaly participants either want to register for a course by phone or do not want to create a user account at Course Finder. For these situations, a so-called virtual user account can be created with the participants personal data which are then assigned to the studio/company.

Virtual user accounts are managed directly through the course provider/instructor, i.e., can make changes to the contact details for that person.

Merging user accounts


It is possible to merge user accounts if several user accounts of the same person exist. This is the case, for example, if a participant has only registered for one of your courses by telephone where you created a virtual user account without an e-mail address but the participant has in the meantime registered himself at Course Finder, hence, posseses now a real user account.

In the case of a merge, bookings are automatically transferred to the target user account.


If a provider/instructor created a virtual user account for a person with an associated email address, this account will automatically be merged with a real one as soon as the participant registers with the same e-mail address at Course Finder at a later point of time.

To merge user accounts, proceed as follows:

  1. From the course provider view, click Participants in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of New participant and select Merge participants.
  3. A window will open.
  4. All virtual user accounts are automatically displayed as sources.
  5. All virtual and real user accounts are automatically displayed as the target with which you want to merge a user account selected as the source account with the target account. Attention, only virtual user accounts can be merged into virtual ones or virtual user accounts into real ones, as the source account is then automatically deleted.
  6. Click Merge to start the process.